In 2006 Thermal Process Systems started a official partnership
with LAGARDE Autoclaves® for supply and maintenance
in Europe, United States and Asia
Thermal Process Systems® supplies the highest quality and latest technology!
History: decades of Innovation
1921 LAGARDE was founded in 1921 in Montélimar

1972 LAGARDE created and patented the Steam & Air process for autoclave

1986 LAGARDE developed the first automatic vertical sliding door

2006 LAGARDE developped the first control system fully based on an industrial PC,

with Samantha© software and touch screen

2006 LAGARDE started an official partnership with TPS for sales and service

2016 Launch of digital service

2019 New: E-ASI control system for multiple autoclave control

Industrial retorts autoclave Lagarde steam/air green technology sterilization pasteurization