The Steam / Air process was invented in 1972

The result is an increased productivity, perfect homogeinity, lower costs and the ability to work with new types of packaging - pouch, doypack,
alu cups and trays etc.
Process description:

Cooling step:
The cooling is obtained using re-circulated water, cooled by the addition of fresh water or via a Plate Heat Exchanger. The re-circulated water comes from retained steam condensate to which is added an amount of pre-cooling water. The gradual addition of cold water is automatically controlled and eliminates the risk of "thermal shock" and ensures the temperature is ramped down

Throughout the Heating & Cooling steps, the electronic process controller monitors temperature and pressure inside the retort chamber
Sterilizing Step - Temperature Come-up and Holding Time:
Steam is automatically & directly injected into the retort chamber and is distributed evenly; an efficient agitating fan ensures a uniform steam/air distribution throughout the entire retort chamber in order to guarantee an excellent temperature accuracy during the holding time

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